Wednesday, September 29, 2021

American Horror Story: Double Feature: Analyzing Episodes 5 & 6

Every week (or so), I'll be analyzing the latest episode(s) of American Horror Story: Double Feature; This week is the season's fifth and sixth episodes, "Gaslight" & "Winter Kills"


"Gaslight" and "Winter Kills" serve as the conclusion to "Red Tide"; "Gaslight" largely focuses on the character of Doris, who was almost entirely absent in the previous two episodes. It begins with Doris giving birth to her and Harry's baby, a boy whom they eventually name Eli. While Doris is wanting to move out and move on with her life, Harry is more focused on continuing to remain in Provincetown to write more, while maintaining a fa├žade of normalcy for Doris and acquiring blood to satiate his and Alma's cravings. While Harry is able to control himself, Alma lacks her father's discipline and is caught by Doris feeding off of her baby brother late at night. Doris (rightfully) wants to get Eli and get out of dodge, Harry, Alma and Ursula all team up to gaslight her into complacency. Doris fully knows something is up however, especially when she finds bite marks on Eli's leg. She is sadly ultimately trapped inside her home, especially after a failed attempt at an escape that almost gets mother and child killed by the pale monsters. While Harry wants to keep the family together, Alma believes she and her father are superior to her mother and wants Doris disposed of. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

American Horror Story: Double Feature: Analyzing Episode 4

Every week, I'll be analyzing the latest episode of American Horror Story: Double Feature; This week is the season's fourth episode, titled "Blood Buffet." 


This episode does not continue from the previous week's cliffhanger, but rather goes back five years into the past. We begin with The Chemist moving into her home in Provincetown, meeting with Holden to look over the house. After Holden questions her about the nature of her profession and the exacts of why she's moving into the town, The Chemist insists this is the right house and environment for her and gets to work, making the black pills we have come to know as The Muse. Later, The Chemist approaches Mickey at the bar after a failed attempt to woo Holden and invites the gigolo home with her to try out her drugs. While Mickey declines, The Chemist offers to pay him for every person he can get to come over and try her drugs. While hanging out with Karen, Mickey finds his first mark in an aspiring singer, Vlad (The name comes from his actor, Spencer Novich's, instagram.)

Some time later, Belle is seen promoting her new George Washington-themed erotic novel "Martha's Cherry Tree." We quickly learn that while Belle is a published author (albeit, self-published), her fanbase is miniscule and she's in an unhappy marriage with a cruel bigot named Ray. While out for a drink, she encounters Mickey for the first time and the two get on well enough for Belle to request Mickey supply her with some drugs. First meth, inspiring Belle to party hard in the bar, then he takes her to The Chemist's house to supply her with The Muse. Unlike Vlad, who we see at the bar reacting quite adversely to the drug what with his vomiting and prominent hair loss, Belle takes to The Muse quite well. Not only does she write a whole novel in one sitting, but she uses her newfound aggression to murder her husband and begin what she later refers to as "her second act." This directly contrasts with Vlad, who deteriorates further and becomes the first of the pale monsters who roam the streets of Provincetown.

Two years after this last series of events, Belle gets her official makeover into the woman we all know courtesy of Lark. The two quickly bond over killing their former partners and their mutual drug use, and Lark even offers Belle a bonus dental makeover to go with her new look. Belle debuts her new style with a slow motion walk to a local drag show that features, amongst its roster of performers, Austin as "Patty O. Furniture." Austin is considered inferior by the other drag queens, even as he performs an amusing lip sync of "Magic Man" by Heart. After the show, Belle approaches him and the pair discuss Austin's dreams, to which he tells her that he wants to be a playwright but lacks the resources to do so. Belle offers Austin a solution: The Muse. After having an initial adverse reaction, Austin undergoes a similar transformation to Belle and the two kill all of the drag performers that mocked Austin earlier. Except for one, Crystal Decanter (Eureka O'Hara), who escapes only to end the episode as Vlad's victim.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

American Horror Story: Double Feature: Analyzing Episodes 1 -> 3

So! As anyone who has read some of my previous posts, such as my critique of Ratched and my post praising Billie Lourd's performance in season one of Scream Queens, or, you know, has ever talked to me about television, I am a Ryan Murphy fan. And that does include American Horror Story; I've had my ups and downs with the show over the years, but after doing a rewatch of the first eight seasons with one of my best friends last March, along with watching the ninth season for the first time, I was all hyped up for the latest season. I was hoping that my pleasant surprise with the quality of the last season, 1984, was a sign that good things were to come for AHS after the series hit a low with the Apocalypse season. 

Well, the first three episodes of the tenth season, subtitled Double Feature, have aired and, if the quality of these episodes can be maintained throughout the rest of the season, we may have a new great season on our hands with this outing.